Angel Network

NFBAN advocates Impact Investing as a way to demonstrate measurable impact and have a profitable business
model. Creating increased well being while being profitable.

NFBAN provides a platform for both new and experienced angel investors to network, learn, train and participate In various insightful events. The membership represents both female and male angel investors.

Coming Up

Being a member at NFBAN entitles you all to education, networking and training activities for growth as Angel Investors. For this purpose we will begin hosting and publishing corresponding activities and materials. Which will include training on.

Term sheets: what are they, detailed exploration different term sheets.

Due diligence: Expert sessions on how to do proper due diligence both from the Investor’s and entrepreneur’s perspectives.

Funding startups: The different funding models and mechanisms.

Financials: Understanding financial projections and mechanisms of actualisation.

Investor pitch decks: What to look for and validate, business models, market projections.

Investor roles: What are investor roles and how should they be executed.

Angel investment strategies: Portfolio diversification, syndication.

Valuations: The mechanics of startup valuation

Before investing: Top things to know before investing.

Exit strategies: Various exit models.

Member benefits:

Screening & pitching
Deal Flow is our aim. Diligent screening of start-up companies to make sure that they are viable growth businesses. Pitching events where pre-screened start-ups can speak directly to investors.

Syndicated investments
NFBAN creates the perfect starting point to link up with other like-minded investors to create syndicated investments. This is highly encouraged.

Networking & training    
Events focus on first-time investing, impact investing, shared experiences, and networking. Events are for investors, entrepreneurs and partners.