Apply now to NFBAN Social Entrepreneur Competition

NFBAN Social Entrepreneur CompetitionNFBAN is organizing in partnership with EBAN Impact Investment Committee a summer competition for social entrepreneurs. The aim of the competition is to encourage Nordic social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

NFBAN is looking for social entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving impossible challenges, collaborating, experimenting, failing, learning, succeeding, giving back but most of all who are coachable to submit elevator pitch. Any Nordic social entrepreneur with a scalable seed or early stage social venture, not just an idea, are welcome to apply. 

Jury is composed by members of the Nordic Female Business Angel Network (NFBAN) and the EBAN Impact Investing Committee (EIIC). All applications will be reviewed on the following selection criteria:

  1. Innovative idea
  2. Impact on society
  3. Team structure: have at least one female in the founding team

Nordic Female Business Angel and Sitra Impact Investment team are gearing up to organizing  NFBAN launch event on Thursday 27th August at 16:00–20:00 in Helsinki and the winner will be announced there. The two best innovative social entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to pitch their company for NFBAN members and partners at launch event.

By applying you may gain:

  • There is a surprise award for the two finalists
  • The two finalists will have opportunity to pitch their company at NFBAN launch.
  • Applicants may find an investor at NFBAN to their team.
  • Applicants may have dedicated mentorship from notable impact Investors at NFBAN
  • Each applicant will receive a feedback from Investors at NFBAN.

Submit Your Investor Deck Now in English! Submissions have been extended till 11th of August 16:00 at NFBAN’s Gust Platform.

Apply now: and submit your company presentation or email us at

Looking forward to brilliant innovations that change the world for better!


Step 1: The competition has been extended till 11th August – NFBAN is currently screening applications as they stream in

Step 2 Initial evaluation of all selected applicants carried out in the second week of August

Step 3: The pre-selected applicants will participate in an online pitching session on the 20 August where they will have 4 minutes to present their business ideas to a jury composed by members of the NFBAN and the EBAN Impact Investing Committee (EIIC)

Step 4: Two winners  are announced at the NFBAN launch event 27th August in Helsinki, where they will pitch their Company.


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