Feb 16th 2016: NFBAN & PwC Women Economic Empowerment Summit

What a fantastic day filled with great discussions and engagement! On behalf of the NFBAN team, we wish to express our sincerest gratitude for those who participated in the Women Economic Empowerment Summit, including our sponsors, PwC and Nordea, our panel of speakers and attendees.

The purpose of this event was to expose some of the barriers preventing Economic Empowerment of Women with a focus on Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship. And it did exactly that – the Summit being an absolute success, where we discussed important topics concerning the financial inclusion of women, gender equality and the need for more women on boards.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself, forged valuable connections, and left the Summit with a broader knowledge of the importance of economically empowering women. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.