NFBAN Newsletter 1/2015

newsletter 2015 may day

Greetings from NFBAN Board Members!

We are pleased to share our first Newsletter with you. In this and forthcoming Newsletters you will find information about ongoing and future activities at NFBAN as well as Angel and Impact investing news.

NFBAN_ Taru Rita FlorenceThe Nordic Female Business Angel Network (NFBAN) established in Feb 2015, is a non-profit organization dedicated to encourage more women to invest in startups and support female entrepreneurship. Our mission at Nordic Female Business Angel Network is to bring together a great network of prospective and experienced investors from different professional backgrounds to learn, exchange ideas and work together for the benefit of each and the society as a whole. Additionally, NFBAN is dedicated to the advancement of Impact Investing market through collaboration with investors, policymakers and practitioners in the social sector.

Rita Valve, Taru Haajanen, Florence Korhonen, Anna-Kaarina Lipsanen (not in the picture). 

Why a Female Angel Investor Network?

The most common question that we have been confronted with is “why a Female Angel Investor Network?” How does NFBAN differ from other Business Angel Networks?  Existing investor networks such as FiBAN – Finnish Business Angels Network have done a tremendous job by encouraging females to join their networks. However the number of females joining is still at a sluggish low and so is female entrepreneurship. We cooperate with FiBAN and some of our members are also FiBAN members. It is our mission at NFBAN to foster female Angel investing and female entrepreneurship in the Nordics. At our strategically organized events we unleash, reveal and tackle the barriers preventing women from driving growth through investments.

Read more from EBAN ‘s white paper about WOMEN & EUROPEAN EARLY STAGE INVESTING – Strengthening European entrepreneurship by enrolling more women in early stage investing.

Join us – become a member of NFBAN:

NFBAN is not exclusive to women however; men, along with corporations and public institutions, who are interested in supporting and working with business angels and supporting female entrepreneurship are warmly welcome. By joining NFBAN you will have access to resources and benefits set up specifically for members only. Please fill in our application to become a member of our growing network. You will find our member application form from our website or Gust-platform.

Upcoming Events:

  •  Annual Nordic Women Investing in Women Summit 5.5 in Stockholm. More Information from our website http://
  •  EBAN Angel Summit 2015 – EBAN Annual Congress, a special event for business angels and venture capitalists 6. – 8.5 in Eindhoven. Female entrepreneurship and impact investing are some of the topics. More information:
  •  NFBAN Open House Networking Event in Helsinki 12.5 and 20.5. from 16:30 to 19:00. During these events we introduce prospective females investors to the activities of NFBAN. More information Sign up for next event:

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We wish you all happy May Day 1.5.2015!