Thu 13.10.16: NFBAN Social Impact Investment Lab

NFBAN Social Impact Investment Lab (NSIIL) webinar series is an awareness intervention project dedicated to accelerating Impact Investing in the Nordics. It is a platform that helps professionals from all sectors, including: investors, policymakers, think tanks, social entrepreneurs and their enterprises remove barriers to Impact Investing through knowledge sharing.

On Thursday 13 October 2016 Gayle Petterson and Josephine Andrews each shared valuable information on progress, challenges and opportunities in Gender Lens Investing.

gayle-peterson-smallGayle Peterson

Gayle is the director of the Oxford Impact Investing Programme at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, co-founder and senior managing director of pfc Social Impact Advisors. In her Keynote Presentation – Gender Lens Investing, Gayle discussed intergenerational wealth transfer and the potentials of an emerging “female economy”. You can access more information on “The Slavery and Impact Investing” here and “Gender Lens Investing” here and read more

jo-andrewsJosephine Andrews

Josephine is the founder at Equileap and founding director of Ariadne. She delivered a presentation on “Helping to achieve Gender Equity for Women and Girls” addressing gender inequality in the workforce and discoursing the constructive and sustainable opportunities for development in this area. You can access more information here and read more

“We are an association committed to deliver good in the world and hope that we have been helpful through our webinars. We welcome feedback and ideas on how we can improve to meet your needs and better understand your expectations.”

Florence Korhonen, Chair of the Board at NFBAN